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Make a jingle noise cause something stuck in there Doesn't affect the speaker at all Work perfectly and is loud Pick up only
Buy one or buy them all I will blackout the titles as they go cash PayPal or venmo upon pickup pick up and payment must happen within 12 hours
This is a set of 4 DVDs starring Bruce Lee they include Fists of Fury the legend of Bruce Lee Bruce Lee a dragon story and Bruce Lee the Chinese connection all four in near mint condition cases and dust cover show signs of normal wear cash PayPal or venmo upon pickup
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I am trying to put together a collection for my grandchildren any kids movies that you have not used the digital download code for. Donations would be great but I'm willing to pay $2 per code
Brand new and still sealed in plastic wrapping! 53 min long documentary about dinosaurs based on the BBC original series. Only catch is this is an import from the U.K. so it only plays on region 2 players, to watch here in the US you ll need a region free DVD player or software which isn t hard to find and I highly recommend. ~ I also accept Paypal and Venmo payments ~ Available for pick up and...
Something stuck in there which when you move it make a jingle noise but other than that it perfect. Pick up only Trades accepted
Seasons 1 - 6 in good condition. One Stargate Atlantis tape included. Price is for the whole box. In excellent condition. One duplicate Season 5 can be sold separately if needed. I prefer not to break up the set. * XPosted - Tem/Murr * PLEASE make contact within 8 hours of posting "interested" to schedule purchase. * P/U requested w/in 48 hrs if multiple people are interested. * Located on Tem/...
Both box sets are in near new condition with no scratches to the discs and perfect playback ~ I also accept Paypal & Venmo payments ~ Available for pick up and for shipping
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